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Boyd Rice - Neo-Nazi, Satanist, Misogynist

Boyd Rice - Neo-Nazi, Satanist, Misogynist.

American Noise musician Boyd Rice is performing as NON at The Roundhouse in London on 13th May 2011. The event, Short Circuit - A Festival of Electronica is sponsored by Arts Council England, Camden Council, Wire magazine, Mute Records, and Spotify.

Boyd Rice has a long history as a neo-Nazi, and as a racist who has advocated rape and violence towards women. Former partner Lisa Carver has publically written about her abusive relationship with Rice in the book ''Drugs Are Nice'' (Snowbooks, London 2006). We believe that all the organisations involved in this event should cancel Rice's appearance and disassociate themselves from his publicly stated opinions. This document contains some evidence to support our argument. A copy will be forwarded to various newspapers, other media organisations, religious bodies and anti-racist and anti-fascist lobby groups.

From Boyd Rice's own website an extract of his biography (Copyright Boyd Rice):

"By the 1990s, however, Rice's underground acclaim had been turned on its ear as a result of his public associations with nefarious figures both infamous and obscure. These included friendships and ideological collusion with the likes of cult leader Charles Manson and Church Of Satan founder Anton LaVey, among others. Rice sparked further controversy through public flirtations with "Nazi" aesthetics and fascist ideology, a flaunted disregard for political correctness, and an espousal of antisocial doctrines such as Satanism, Social Darwinism and elitist misanthropy."

Link to video of Boyd Rice being interviewed by Tom Metzger, American neo-Nazi and founder of White Aryan Resistance:

Article from MetaMute (30th October 2007)

Fascist Bands at Slimelight

On October 31st 2007 North London club Slimelight , 7 Torrens Street, Islington EC1 www. plans to host a Halloween event organised by, a promotional venture maintained by Gaya Donadio, Who over the past decade has been jointly responsible for promoting such ‘artists’ as Death In June and Ostara mainly in the London area.

The October 31st event features American group Luftwaffe. www. Originating from Chicago, who have in their decade-long career collaborated with the likes of NON, DIJ and others from the Neofolk scenes. As well as writing and recording material Luftwaffe have also been pictured in military uniform with members of Death In June. Regardless of whether Luftwaffe are merely flirting with fascism or are politically committed to it, they provide a real and malignant catalyst for far right extremists to gather, network and recruit at these concerts.

The idea of waging a right-wing ‘cultural’ ‘war of position’ emerged from the Italian fascist movement also responsible for many of the terrorist ‘strategy of tension’ outrages in that country during the 1970s and 1980s (including the Bologna railway station bombing in which 85 people died and 200 were injured). This cultural ‘war of position’ ideology was taken up by the faction of the fascist British National Front headed by Patrick Harrington and Richard Lawson, and a number of those belonging to the same musical circles as Luftwaffe – including Tony Wakeford, Ian Read and Freya Aswynn – were political activists in organisations (official National Front, IONA etc.) espousing this brand of ‘right-wing Gramscianism’ .

The Slimelight event is headlined by Boyd Rice in his NON guise. An individual with a long and malicious history of fascist provocation and the focus of Anti-Nazi attention worldwide. Particularly alarming is that Boyd Rice, an acknowledged Social Darwinist and member of the neo-Nazi American Front organisation, has actually been given the all clear to enter the UK and perform in London as NON next week. Rice’s politics goes way beyond embracing a seriously negative and racist worldview. To quote, "As far as I am concerned, the intellect is a disease. It imposes values where none exist. Values don't exist in the world, they exist in the mind and are purely imaginary. They're completely fictional and to project them onto actual things or situations can only result in fictionalizing the world and your experience of it."

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Boyd Rice developed close ties to fascist philosophers; in fact he claimed himself to be a fascist in art. In 1984, Rice, along with a Holocaust denier, Keith Stimely, started the Abraxas Foundation—taking the name from Jungian philosophy—which he described as a “social Darwinist think-tank.” Abraxas hailed Malthusianism as “Nature's Eternal Fascism.” During performances, Rice has read from the racist and anti-Semitic Might Is Right, by Ragnar Redbeard. The book's forward is by Anton LaVey, its afterward by George Burdi, founder of Resistance Records and former singer of the neo-Nazi band RAHOWA (Racial Holy War). Rice has also written a controversial article "R.A.P.E (Revolt Against Penis Envy)" in which he seemingly encourages men to rape women in order to show that men have a superior status. He has, however, stated that the article was written lightly, but still says it is based on facts.

Former Rice partner Lisa Crystal Carver's memoir "Drugs Are Nice" (Snowbooks, London 2006) provides an outline of the time she spent living with and financially supporting Boyd Rice. In her graphic account of their shared lives together Carver recalls how Rice was jailed for assaulting her. Carver finally concludes that Rice, is an alcoholic failure and an 'unemployed fascist'. Before and to an extent even after Carver came along, Rice depended on financial handouts from his mother. In her memoir Carver describes the fascist emblems with which her partner decorated their flat “ A giant Nazi flag is taped to the wall. Right next to the Tomorrowland Disney poster..." (page 146).

Rice’s mistreatment of Carver included physically restraining her and subjecting her to regular beatings and floggings. Carver, despite her growing fear of Rice, stayed with him for the sake of their baby until, in an alcoholic rage, he smashed her head against a nightstand until she became unconscious. This led to Rice’s arrest, trial and imprisonment.

Rice does not conceal his hatred of women. As revealed in this quote from Misanthrope: ‘Back to the rumours. Are you a misogynist? "Yeah." Rice nods fervently for the record. [Laughs.] "Yeah, more and more all the time." What makes you feel that way? "Just a lot of experience with women. I don't think women deserve the same rights as men. I don't think women are on an equal footing with men. I think they're totally different creatures. I think the world operated better when they had less say over how the way things went, had less control." And regarding his piece "R.A.P.E.", which is appallingly pro-rape but allegedly tongue-in-cheek: "I was poking a bit of fun, but it's like there's more than a grain of truth in everything I said in there. I think all the stuff I said was basically true. Which is why it's funny when it's funny. And it's why it upsets women, when it upsets women. Because, you know, they can't really deny most of that stuff. " "Well that's why when women start having these intellectual arguments with me I say at a certain point, "Listen, I refuse to even argue with a woman." They say, "Well, why is that?" and I say, "Because you overreact, you get all emotional, and fly into a tizzy."

Rice was also close to Church of Satan founder LaVey, and rumoured to be a member of its "Council of Nine" and to have initiated others into it. Rice regularly visited convicted murderer Charles Manson (who had ordered his followers to murder actress Sharon Tate amongst others) and organized a campaign to free him. Through Manson, the group came into contact with James Mason, former member of the American Nazi Party and the National Socialist Liberation Front, currently a member of the Universal Order, which views Charles Manson as the next Hitler. Rice was also a member of the neo-Nazi American Front and was very close to its president, Bob Heick.

This photograph was additionally published in the book 'Blood in the Face: The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Nazi Skinheads, and the Rise of a New White Culture' by James Ridgeway.

Heick was influenced by the racist National Front in 1980’s Britain. Indeed Heick’s group was unique in that it advocated a "third positionist" ideology combining both racism and a right-wing ‘cultural’ ‘war of position’. The American Front led a nationwide rally December 9, 2006, on behalf of incarcerated members of The Order, a 1980s white supremacist terrorist group. While the largest gathering occurred in southern California, several banners describing Order members as "prisoners of war" were found around Orlando and Maitland.

Heick was present at an event, "8/8/88," that Rice explained "was a recapitulation of a destruction ritual that Anton LaVey performed on August 8, 1969." It was shown on Geraldo Rivera's "Satanism" special. Perhaps not coincidentally, the eighth letter of the alphabet is H, and 88 is considered by some to signify the words "Heil Hitler."

Walt Kaldenberg is another associate of Rice still actively engaged in promoting race hatred. Going public on the online pages of in the course of reviewing Kevin Coogan's book 'Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International'. Kaldenberg writes, 'about 70 or more of the people in the book I know or have known. Every one from the little old lady who got Rockwell into National Socialism and her Keith Stimely who about force fed me Yockey, and Boyd Rice who played a part in my wedding. It's like reading a high reunion letter'.

Kaldenberg is also the author of the notorious article, 'Death Of The White Race', in which he claims that ' I don't know, nor do I care, how many Jews died in the Holocaust. If Hitler did kill six million Jews, I won't lose any sleep over it. The Jews have been kicked out of nearly every civilized nation on Earth. If the Jews weren't so evil, people wouldn't kill them. If any one is to blame for anti-Semitism, Hitler, and the Holocaust, it's the Jews.'

Rice was interviewed in 1986 by the white supremacist leader, Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance. In it he was asked whether industrial music is the "beginning of an Aryan underclass movement." He is quoted as saying, "I think so. It's engendering a new will among people. That's what I'm interested in." See video clip

Also mentioned by Rice within the context of this interview is the band Above The Ruins, featuring one Tony Wakeford now of London-based Sol Invictus. A London concert Wakeford’s band gave in 2006 was according to a blog posting attended by Troy Southgate (another former National Front activist and Neo-Folk musician and more recently founder of the English Nationalist Movement and the National Revolutionary Faction; Southgate describes the latter as "a hardline revolutionary organisation based on an underground cell-structure similar to that used by both the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the IRA", operating on the principle of leaderless resistance. For information about the Wakeford concert attended by Southgate see

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